Search Engine Optimisation tips #NeilPatel

The best Search Engine Optimisation tips in one easy to implement video guide. #NeilPatel Summary below:  Quick sprout  Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin – Those running on WordPress site  Google Search Console – formally Google Webmaster tool Google Trends Website responsive test – Check how mobile friendly your website is Screaming frog  Google PageSpeed […]

SSL Certificate in Kenya

What is a secure website? How do you secure your website? What is SSL? What is the difference between HTTPS and HTTP? How do you avoid the not secure notice on Google? Websites initially run over Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The information on the browser and web server was not encrypted. With the invent […]

Do you own a website? Read this

Our businesses now rely on email and website to communicate, sale and distribute products. Having your website or email offline for a day can result in huge losses. So how do you protect your business? How do you reduce the risk? Back up your website. Always have a copy of your full website (files, images) […]

Data security and privacy

It is a new year and we keep hearing of security breaches and websites that are compromised. There is a new term for this: Cyber security. There are several things you can do to secure your data / information online and offline. 1) Update or install an antivirus on your machine. The Antivirus scans the […]

Hawlast in 2016 has come along way. We are grateful that you have been with us along the ride. To compliment our domain names and hosting services, in 2016 we will introduce the below services: – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates – Virtual Private servers (VPS) – SMS based applications (Bulk SMS,SMS notifications, Short codes and USSD) […]

Social media and Skype

Social media has changed the way we interact and made it easier for individuals to communicate with friends, customers, Government officials and companies. Social media has become an integral part of our life. The media has given us a platform to petition and air our views.