How to configure (set up) outlook on Windows PC

Yeah. I know…you bought this domain name…set up emails and you are tired of logging into your web browser to access emails.

We have a solution. Nothing new…MS Outlook. This software comes free with Microsoft PC software.

In the video below, find a guide on how to set up Microsoft Outlook.

# Manually configure server settings
# The type of e-mail account: POP3
# Your user name: full email address
# Your current password: xxxxxxx
# The POP3 server name or Incoming mail server:
# The SMTP server name or Outgoing mail server:
# More setting: Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication -same settings as the incoming mail server

Microsoft Outlook Set up guide – Microsoft Outlook 2010

Step 1: Launch Outlook
Launch Outlook

Step 2: Click on next 
Email account on Outlook

Step 3: Select Internet E-mail 
Select Internet E-mail

Step 4: Enter your name, email address, mail servers, and password
Enter your name, email address, mail servers, and password

Step 5: Click on “More settings…” 
Click on

Step 6: Remove mails from the server (So that you do not fill your box)

Select Advance tab as shown on the image above…

Going forward you will have your emails backed up on your local machine