New internet charges

This is an long overdue update on the current internet offers available for Kenyan internet users -especially those who purchase modem data bundles from phone companies.

Yu Modem bundles – yuNet!


30 days unlimited 499 *121*2*7*1#

I have not used YU to access internet for a while now.Is the speed reliable for use on a modem? You can read more on available YuNet bundles at the Yu website.

Airtel Kenya 3.75 G bundles

With the launch of their 3G network, they have attractive data bundles that caters for all users from light users to heavy users.

Airtel Kenya time based packs

One day pack at Ksh 150 and is valid for 24 hrs

One week pack at Ksh 750 and is valid for 168 hrs

To activate dial *544#

Airtel Kenya Internet Bundles

20MB at Ksh 15 valid for 1 day

50MB at Ksh 80 valid for 30 days

500MB at Ksh 399 valid for 30 days

1.5MB at Ksh 799 valid for 30 days

To activate dial *544#

Airtel has internet bundles at 3 GB, 4GB and 8GB for heavy users at Ksh 1,499, Ksh 1,999 and 2,999 respectively.

For videos, iamges and games, this is the bundle for you.

For business users you can activate 20 GB at 7,999 and is valid for 168 hrs.

You can get all the updates at Airtel Kenya website.

In the overall, Airtel seems cheaper than Safaricom as for now.

Safaricom Internet bundles

25MB at Ksh 20

50MB at Ksh 100

200 MB at Ksh 250

500 MB at Ksh 499

3 GB at Ksh 1,999

4 GB at Ksh 2,499

8 GB at Ksh 3,999

To activate send an SMS with the preferred bundle price to 450 or dial *544#.

Check for more information and select a suitable bundle at

Orange Internet

Orange Internet Everywhere Modem: Kshs 1,799
Pay as You Go Offer
Ksh 4 per MB on pay as you GO

Data Bundle Data Bundle Size (MB) Price (Kshs) Price per MB (Kshs) Validity Period
50MB 50 100 2 30 days
100 MB 100 150 1.5 30 days
500 MB 500 500 1 30 days
1 GB 1024 750 0.75 30 days
5 GB 5120 2,750 0.54 30 days
10 GB 10240 4,990 0.48 30 days
15 GB 15360 5,990 0.39 30 days
20 GB 20480 7,990 0.39 60 day

Unlimited weekly offer Ksh 990    Valid for  7 days        
Unlimited Monthly offer    Ksh 2990    Valid for 30 days  

Check for updates for Orange Internet on their website.

15 Responses to New internet charges

  1. hey yu net is tooooooooooo slow

  2. gilbert says:

    please update this

    Richard Reply:

    @gilbert, It is now updated. Thank you for the big up

  3. Kathukya says:

    Does the bundle expire?

    Richard Reply:

    @Kathukya, Yes the internet bundles have validity period indicated

  4. Mwai says:

    1 day And 7 Days unlimited is no more

  5. andrea says:

    The signal is still weak in new runda – nairobi and Airtel tries hard to get customer with unlimited internet offers for 1 day and 1 week at prices far below compared to the month or for data packages. I can’t find the newest Airtel modem manager software

  6. Milimo says:

    how are the internet speeds, not for downloading just normal browsing?

  7. Benard Baraza says:

    waiting for 3G …

    Richard Reply:

    @Benard Baraza, 3.75 G it now is at Airtel Kenya

  8. Eudes says:

    I would like to be informed more about 3G. The usage it’s merits.

  9. Eudes says:

    I would like to be subscribed on 3G. But how?

  10. KEN KINYUA says:

    the day you go 3g.count on me airtel.

  11. Alphan Muthami says:

    Are you on 3G? i would have moved to airtel. That is what is limiting me.
    When will you change to 3G?


  12. michael says:

    If only Airtel had 3G, your fortunes will triple overnight. Guess who will be will be caught unawares again…

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