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An affiliate program is a system that enables you to earn a passive income through promoting products and services.

It is very easy to make money via an affiliate program. You just need to register and get a special link (URL) that you can send to friends or post on your websites. For every click and successful purchase referred by that special link, you get a commission.

Our affiliate program

:How it works

*** Register on this website to get an affiliate link.Register now
*** The affiliate sales can ONLY be tracked and credited to your account when the order and payments are done via the website
*** We offer a commission of KES 500 for every purchase above KES 2,499
**** We reserve the right to change the commission.This will not however affect the sales you have already brought in for that particular month.
*** Payments will be sent to you every 5th of the month once they are verified. You can log into your account to confirm verified sales for the month.

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