Domain name transfer

The process of moving /changing your domain management from one registrar to another is called domain transfer.

You may decide to transfer a domain name due to price, to retain full control of your domain or to benefit from free features offered by the new domain registrar.

Make money online

It is possible to make money online but it will not be easy because of competition .  Every one is trying to make money online because it is FREE to set up a blog on or Even if you decide on a paid service, a domain name and hosting will cost as little as Ksh 2,500 per year.Order your domain here domain name.

Backup your Joomla, WordPress website

Joomla and WordPress are popular CMS software based on PHP/MySQL.  Like any other website, Joomla or WordPress powered websites need regular backup – both the database and the template files.

SPSS data analysis

SPSS is a statistical analysis software used by social scientist to run analysis on a give data.

For example a restaurant owner may want to know if gender affects a patron’s choice of drink. Such analysis is very easy to carry out using SPSS.

SPSS is also used by university students during their research work especially during post graduate studies.

For assistance on SPSS data entry and SPSS analysis in Kenya, contact us by filling the contact for at

Web hosting and domain registration. The difference?

Just to clear the air. When you register a domain, you are just securing the name used to direct web visitors to your website.
Once you register a domain name, no one else in the world can register it.You can check for available domains and price at this
domain registration page.

Web hosting gives you the extra features like storage space for your website,custom emails @ your domain. For example if your domain is,
then you will access your website by visiting And you will have emails

We have created a domain search tool bar to make it easier for you to search for available domains on the go.

You can download it here.
Get our toolbar!


Best of luck in your domain registration search.

Programming for beginners bestseller books

Joomla Hosting in Kenya

You have worked on this nice Joomla site. It looks really nice and you now want to upload it online for the world to see. We understand that it can be a challenge or you do not have the time.

We have expertise in Joomla hosting and we are here to help you from domain name registration to setting up the Joomla website online in 3 simple steps – Simply zip and email it to us.

1. Zip the Joomla folder . This is the entire folder containing the Joomla files.

2. Go to phpMyAdmin and export the Joomla database as an .sql file.. To export your Joomla database you need to use the phpMyAdmin located on your local server.

3. Email the two files to support AT We will upload the Joomla site for you.

In the meantime you can search for available domain name here domain registration, and order the hosting plan. Our Starter plan/ premier plan can host Joomla websites.

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